Wednesday, 30 April 2008


Touch me,
Just this once,
Hold me in your arms
And soothe me off my worries,
Tell me of your love.

I know,
It seems so silly-
After all this while,
I still feel insecure,
And beg you to shower
Affection unrestricted.


How do I let you know,
Words fail to reproduce my feel-
I fear not,
Nor do I doubt-
Your love.


It feels a vacuous silence,
When you and I,
Forget to show-
To emote our feel-
Our untainted love.

You do understand,
Don't you?

I know, you do.

(And, you know it too)

Come! Lets cuddle so close,
And share this popcorn treat-
And dip into a dream,
Watching your favorite movie-

(Yet again...


Well, you can't win everything, right?

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