Tuesday, 1 April 2008

A Legacy

Cross-legged, I sat-
On the wooden floor.

Opening a trunk,
Of eons ago,
Passed down-
Bequeathed, to me-

A legacy.

Cockroaches running around-
Outliving ages, they live.

Crumpled silk, moth eaten-
It lay, a worthless treasure.

Rummaging through the shambles,
I find-

Rusted souvenirs,
Singing a symphony, of its own;
Surviving the test of time-
It lay, on my palm-


My nimble fingers held on,
To a parchment, old.
A newspaper cutting,
Yellowish hue adorned-

Termite struck.

Ever gently, I brushed,
The termite nest off-
And my eyes found light,
A portrait-


I wonder, why you saved the portrait,
Through all these years-
When, blind you were-
Ever since birth.

Eyes wet, I walk back-
A legacy treasured.

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