Friday, 18 April 2008

For you...

The ease of being the real self,
With no pretenses,
And no facades;
Formality kept off, at bay-

We share ourselves.

Waiting for the evening to be;
To share the little silly events,
Of the day,
The lively repartee we share,
I rush in-
Looking for you.

At times-
For a friend, to joke around with;
At times-
A sister, to confide in;
At times-
A mom, to ask for advice;

And at all times-
I search for, just you.

Every time around-
Taken for granted, it feels-
Yet, I know, I can.
(Take it for granted, I mean)

I know-
I can put off my guards,
And speak my heart out,
And I know,
You'd listen-

More than what I really say.

I feel-
I can taunt and tease,
Ruthlessly till i tire,
And you'd retort-

A tit-for-tat, in all zeal.

I find-
I can bitch about "her",
And go ga-ga over "him",
And I know-

You'd join in with me, giggling along.

I find your words,
Soothing me when am low,
Stuck deep down in the doldrums,
I don't know, whether you know-

You make me smile, just with a mere thought.

And, I realize-
Certain bonds are meant to be;
No matter what, and no matter how,
Our hearts just search each other out-

Just as we did, amidst the hordes.

Tip-toeing into my heart,
You came in-

Letting me barge in,
Ever and forever.

1 comment:

  1. This had such a tender note attached to it :)

    Anything else, would be just an understatement!




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