Friday, 18 April 2008

Starry Delights!

Held the stars in my hands,
And counted them-
Marvels of a kind.

The time I saw his tears,
And offered him my little toy,
And walking back home,
A fresh tear dropped down-
Mine, not his.

The time I heard my dad fume,
In anger, for my mischief naive,
Words about me being spoilt, reverberating.
And I handed back the new paint set-
And a sorry note.

The time i felt the ache of loneliness,
All alone, free like a bird,
Humming my rhymes so loud,
Yet all I could hear, echoes of my own-
Day and night.

The time when it felt just right,
To be on my own, aloof, in calm,
And non- existent.
And then, the anger and restraints-
And, I gave in.

The time I finally set out,
All alone, a new journey embarked upon-
An aim steadfast, a vision stark,
And as I won my hearts desire-
A sacrifice, again.

The time when I beamed in joy,
The final nod of consent,
Eager and young, you and me;
And then the crash, a blackout-
Alive, a remnant- me.

The time when nothing ever happened,
And everything that happened,
Seemed just so vague. Moving on,
Steadfast and loyal, I lost, just a few days-
As you say.

Cupped in my palm,
Remains a lot many more stars-
Some twinkling at me, a tease;
And some, shutting their eyes out,
Away from my gaze,
And some drenched, in my tears...

Starry delights, indeed.

1 comment:

  1. This is so frighteningly coincidental, that I read it today..when this is the flavour of the day!
    Awesome, Sashu. I cannot swallow the lump in my throat, and my eyes blur, in empathy.
    All I can say is this... Treasure those stars, but look up, there's a bigger and brighter star, waiting to light up your life:)
    Love you, sweetie...:)




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