Friday, 14 September 2007

the girl with a broken smile :)

the fortress stood alone,mighty high
white marbles adding to the beauty
yet no blaze of light set it bright
the citadel stood by,emanating a night glow!

far across the horizons at bay
i stood alone,holding a beacon dear
across the many unknown lands
i wandered in pursuit of a dream unknown!

trudging through the jungles deep
crossing the vast stretch of desert land
and hoping for each mirage to be true
i moved on,and here i am,tonight!

the breeze so cool,night seemed to blush
the skies dazzled in the light of stars
the darkest of ebony skies, jet black
bejewelled in sprinkles of silvery stars!

looking up at the marble fortress
i found it dark,ever so cold and dead
amidst the silver starry glow backdrop
the fortress seemed to hide some jewel!

off the sudden i saw a bolt of light
a brilliant light,an astral glow
i wonder if it is the pearly moon
dumbstruck,i held my eyes in awe!

the breeze swayed on ever so calm
the moon hid behind the dark curtains
and yet the night shone in a silver glow
and i saw a mysterious smile,a broken smile...

her luscious tresses shone a golden hue
blowing along with the breeze wayward
the emerald green oceans deep,in her eyes
and pearly smooth skin that lit up the night...

divinity she held in her striking gaze
ever graceful she held her every move
my eyes held itself onto her mystery smile
wondering what her mind hid from me...

i found no anguish in her ever soft eyes
yet vulnerable,i wished to protect her ever
and pry open into her broken smile tonight
a smile i'd never forget,a smile hiding a million hues..

her smile-a broken smile, a beautiful smile
a lifetime cloaked in the curve of her lips
and all i wish for tonight,is her gentle smile
the shimmery skies and a smile ever so full...

...and never again a broken smile, never again...

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  1. hi sashu
    got ur link from a common friend of ours long ago and been a regular visitor to ur blog..
    girl u write awesome..simply amazing...and am like dumb struck at the frequency of ur posts too..
    do keep writing...all the very best...

    ps..i've linked u in my blog..hope u dont mind




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