Monday, 24 September 2007

Remnants of a dream...

holding you in my slender arms today,
i have no words to share, not one
no dreams remain, to be woven together
no hopes of living you, again, ever again...

your words still echo in my mind
pleading me to come along, with you,
off to a new world, a fresh new start
wherein we could build our castle of dreams...

alas, you know it hard and true
i can never leave my roots, never
not for you nor the world, even if i wanted to
for i have an eternity to leave behind...

a hundred dreams i held in my eyes
the many shimmery desires we shared
the odd smiles shared, silent gazes
holding hands in the darkest of alleys...

you, leaving me, i can't but fathom
growing up together in the walks of life
always having had your hand to hold onto
and your shoulder to cry on, i can't but let go...

yet knowing it deep, the stark reality
cruel it seems it my heart, wrenching me
and today i wanna hold you close to me
as close as it could be, binding you onto me...

I'll miss your strong arms that hold me safe
the gentle lips that kiss me into oblivion
the warm breath of yours on my skin, burning
the soft silken words of love..oh..I'll miss you so...

as i look at you lying beside me, eyes closed
i find a drop of tear, running down your face
and i wish to kiss away the pain, today and ever
but alas, i have to stay back and watch you go, away...

time seems to mock me, for the hours just speed by
and now i find you waiting, for my final nod, a smile?
i really don't know... how to let you go... oh my...
kissing you tender, one last time, i smile amidst my tears...

and you turn away, i can't see your eyes, are they wet?
would you ever see me again? ever again, on the streets?
maybe once, in your dreams? i wonder still, tears stinging me
and you never turn back, do you still feel shy of tears, i wonder?

you go on, leaving a dream, half done...
i stay back, living a dream, half undone...


  1. those eternity, those roots, those leavin n livin dreams, those half done n undone.. sigh.
    all that u write does echo in all ur reader's minds..more sigh. thanks.

  2. thnx a lot suji for de words :) makez my writes worth writin!




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