Sunday, 16 September 2007

With you or without you...

wide awake,yet eyes tight shut
i look up, into the eternal void
a hollow never to be retraced
a deep emptiness irrevocable.
memories flash by in a haze
i find myself re-live my days
with you or without you...

the rains drench me even today
yet i never realise its the raindrops
falling over me, and not my tears
the sun burns me even today
yet i find no heat engulfing me
for am burning deep within my soul
with you or without you...

the snow gives me a reason more
to hide, to stay away from life
the night offers me its dark cloak
to hide under, tears safely stashed
every dawn break and i lie calm
trying to listen to a voice so dear
with you or without you...

every blossom, each new fragrance
every smile, every chirpy bird song
my soul bleeds raw, tears pouring
today as i walk on the many roads
we undertook together once and ever
my life seems vacuous, a dearth
with you or without you...

walking along the flowery pathway
crossing over the white fence to home
each step i take reminds me sleek
of a missing print, your print of love
faintest of murmurs, of your love
a silent whisper is all i long for
with you or without you, now...

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