Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Losing me...

Hailing every little joy, as mine
Kissing every new bud, with love
Winking at every kid on the street,
I walked along the flowery path!

Dreaming of the joyous escapades,
The future bright, stars to delight,
Aroma fresh, soothing my senses calm
I could vision life blooming into bliss!

A gale came by, soft and tender.
It warmed my heart and filled me up
Gentle gushes of a breezy love, welling in.
A lullaby it sang, and i found myself lost!

The breeze sang, and i swayed along,
Cheering and giggling, i loved the feel.
Bliss! i wondered if it did match my feel
For, i could have lived on, in glee, forever!

One fine day, i found a mountain, high
Where the breeze could blow, even more
I hopped along, in sync with the waft.
Alas! i felt myself being sucked, into a vortex!

The tender breeze, it gained roaring speed.
I felt myself swirling along in a frenzy, petrified.
The tornado struck harder, pulling me in
I felt my dreams, my spirit ebb away!

Aftermath of a terror, came deafening silence
The breeze puffed a soft whisper, of love
I felt myself find it hard, to walk away.
Yet, once again, i danced on to its tunes!

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