Saturday, 29 September 2007


Part one:

My mind remains fumbled,helpless
Education of the many years,failing.
I feel myself shrink away,trying,
To camouflage my hollow,watching him suffer.

I feel a tender pull at my heart,
Every time i put my steth to him-
Every dubb, every lubb i hear,
It speaks a million unspoken words.

The first time he asked, of me,
The gift of a life, devoid of pain,
Pleading for mercy, urging to kill,
I felt myself wish too, to grant the wish.

To save the agony of a life time,
In a single shot of the manna of death,
And then, I shudder to realize my ethics
Am i God to deliver death? The question never exists.

Part two :

Strapped onto the white linen spreads,
Bottles of blood and fluids nearby,
Tubes all around my body ever so weak
I lie here, helpless, bound to life by a thread.

The pain blinds me ever so much,
Hot flashes, of flesh ripping ache,
brutally devouring me, each moment,
Wish i could shut eyes to every single feel.

Every time I see the vacuum expressions,
On the many faces near, and so dear
Toxic hurt, venomous hatred, towards life
It eats me up, bit by bit, amidst the pains.

Unfair to me, God and His ways,
Endless pain, relentless torture ,
No redeeming of faith, never, not once.
I plead my physician,to grant me mercy,to ease my pain.

Part three :

Twisted emotions fills the air, tonight.
The narrow line between the right,
and the wrong, it still remains vague.
Easing the pain is it? Or is it taking life?

Strolling along the bustling hospital wards,
Beads of sweat dripping, in sheer fear,
Hearing the conscience speak out loud,
Against the notes of education, deep rooted, within.

And the shivers of agonizing pain,
Ripping, tearing him apart, so numb.
He cries his lungs out, a call, to be heard,
Mercy! Mercy! Ease the pains. A Death call.

The edge of sanity, the thin strand of humanity
The throes of pain, and the purpose of healing.
Conflicts- mercy offerings or cold blooded murder,
All the difference of world, in just one little deed.

Ah! Mercy, prayers from the two sides, it echoes, on and on...

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