Tuesday, 2 October 2007

My Call...

Time pays no heed to my call.

The many ages of staying far away,
hasn't it reached its toll?
You are off, to make me a mansion,
of gold and stones precious!
Ever wondered if I would remain,
till then?

You pay no heed to my call.

The one time I wished you near,
you offered me a note!
Sympathy wrapped in golden words,
rolled into a parchment, special!
Ever wondered it hard, and true,
would it suffice?

Life pays no heed to my call.

The little dreams of mine, ever thwarted,
I wonder why?
The short lived fond memories of y'days,
can it wipe off today's tears?
Life moves on in its own pace, rhythmic,
my pace, but does it match?

None pays heed to my call.

Every time I try finding my own joy,
I find some one's grief, but why?
Along the same paths, I trod on, each day,
why fragrances never seem the same?
Every time I call out, loud, out into eternity,
I wonder, would I, ever be heard???

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