Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Tale of an angel... (inspired)

There lived an angel, in god's own abode
He loved the luscious green pathways,
The gushing streams, of aqua, so holy,
The golden dangling stars, glittering ever,
The zephyr refreshing, a melody soothing,
He loved his condo, he loved to be a cherub!

One fine morn, he awoke from his daydream,
Ordered by his guardian, he set off, a new job.
Off, he flew, above the emerald green oceans,
Across the valleys, filled with greens and reds,
Flowers and fruits, all nectar oozing delights,
smiling, he went on, in pursuit of his mission!

Off the sudden, he saw a stirring, in the lake,
The crystal clear waters, and he saw a maiden,
Beautiful than the angels, he knew; fair as snow,
Her eyes danced in a murderous innocence,
Sculpted in perfection, she stood near the shores,
And the seraph, he just gazed at her awe-struck!

He forgot his mission deep, and embarked alone,
A journey new, in search of her, as if in a trance.
She smiled over at him, surprise mingled with fear,
Her inquisitive eyes probed, and the angel just stared,
At her marvellous beauty, and he wished to stay on,
To be with her, to live a life, to hold her, and to love.

She welcomed him, to her world, ever so pure,
Gentle smiles, words of love, a heart of gold,
She offered him, her abode, in sheer mirth, all joys,
He walked along, hand in hand, mesmerized,
The magic of love, enchanting him, melting him,
And, he stayed on, his own crib, lay forgotten!

The thunder echoed hard, rains began to lash on,
Lightening struck, patterns of brilliance, in the sky,
And then, he heard his call, the voice that boomed,
Calling his cherub back, to his abode, of heavenly bliss.
He knew he had to fly back, for spirit to thrive, alive.
Yet, he knew, he wouldn't leave her, not today, not ever.

Despair filled his eyes, his soul burning its elixir,
He looked deep, into her innocent, crystal blue eyes,
And, he could see, the expanse of the skies, in them.
Yet, marred with darkened clouds, waiting to rain away,
He looked at her crimson cheeks and her ebony locks.
Helpless, he stood, waiting, for the unknown...

She smiled at him, and held him near, offering her warmth,
The world seemed non existent, it mattered no more,
He held her close, a gentle kiss, on her petal pink lips,
Their bodies enmeshed, entwined;watched over by the skies,
They rained away their love, amidst the nature showers,
And, eternity seemed to lull, before their very eyes...

The rain clouds gave way, to the scorching sun,
And he felt, his skin burn, blistering hot, molten pain,
And, he realised the pangs, his punishment had begun.
His throat so dry, his feet blistered, skin melting,
Dry heat, flashing all over him, pain lynching at him,
And, she watched over, helpless, tortured by his pains...

The thunder struck hard, echoes uprooting even trees,
The storm grew fierce, yet, he felt his body burn away,
Broiling flames of heat, he felt himself char away,
Her eyes seemed shut, by the winds so fierce, blocking view,
And then! The deafening calm, aftermath of a love so pure,
She lay on the sandy earth, her eyes searching for him, in vain...


  1. nice flow...good work..hmmmm
    reminded me the malayalam movie
    "Njan Gandharvan"

    [ well, I don't want you to approve this as a comment :). can trash it ( i mean should :)!) ]

  2. hehe! y shud i thrash it mate? itz a honest comment! liked it! hehe...thynx a bunch!

    n yea it wuz actually written juz aftr watchin de movie! :)

    thnx again! for de commentz!




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