Saturday, 13 October 2007

My Homing Pigeon...

Capricious desires, of an infatuated soul,
Is it? I wonder, still.
I wish to hold onto him,
As though, there is no tomorrow.
Would you call it sleazy a thought,
I cant help, but ponder.

I just wish, to offer him my soul,
Loving him, more than ever,
Suffocating him, with my love,
Encompassing him, within my wings,
No living power, to separate him, from me, ever.

Would you term me, pertinacious,
Just because I pay no heed, to you?
I can't share him, with the world,
For, he is mine, and I need him so.
Possessiveness, is it, to wish my love,
Near me, ever and forever?

I promise, to let him be.
I wish, to help him nurture his dreams,
And reach heights, a flight for glory.
All I ask in favour, is the freedom, to pry open,
And read his soul, every thought, every dream.

Would you call me, mulish,
For just being so concerned?
I can't accept these terms of adorn,
For all I wish for, is my love, to be near,
No spare thought, in his mind, unknown to me,
No dream, no fantasy, without me, playing a part.

I am not cruel minded, nor am I relentless,
All I ask is some time, or rather, all his time, for me.
Is it that bad, I wonder, to wish for him,
To dream of him, as just mine, my homing pigeon?
Just to make sure, I can love him so, ever and forever.

Oh, please tell me, if I am wrong, if I am irrational in thoughts,
when all I wish, is to love him so... to love him so...

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