Sunday, 7 October 2007

Eternal Solace

I hear the heartbeats-
Loud, for me to hear,
Thumping, in me,
Harder, a racy pace,
And, I just fall, short of breath...

I hear the muffled voices-
Soft, whispering ballads,
I try to sharpen my ears,
To take note, of the words,
And, I find myself, drooping away...

I see the little faces-
Dear, faking smiles,
Expressions that give away,
The fear, the pains,
And, I find myself, fading away...

I feel the bursting pain-
Gravid, running through me,
Oozing out the very little life,
Left in me, tonight
And, I find myself, slipping away...

I experience an aura-
Heavenly, I see a glow, a calm.
I hear, the musical harp, play.
I sense, exhilaration, bubble.
And, I find my eternal solace, just a step ahead...

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