Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Voyeuristic view

Obsessive observer, of sordid sensuality
The glimpses, of freshly uncovered flesh,
Attaining, sheer, sexual gratification,
By being a peeping tom, a voyeur.

The pursuits of stealth and guise,
Desire, for verboten intimate pleasures,
Hiding behind the unexpected of places,
Anticipation; heart pounding, in immoral joys.

The sharpest eyes, that shine in lust,
Secretive glimpses, unattainable desires,
The gravest greed, for the forbidden fruit,
Disgusting joys, inhumane erotic pleasures.

Scoptophilic gusto, greater than ecstasy,
Wonder, how could one's mind, go astray,
Distorted fantasies, ruining faith in humanity,
Wonder why, one gets into voyeuristic pursuits...

...I wonder, why?

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