Monday, 22 October 2007

An aura of love, my mom...

Hip-hop,rock; I don't know the genre
I hear the beats,fast and tiring
The music blaring as if in a rage
Headache soaring and i flee away!

Walking away from the party deck
I end up in my room a few doors left
The calmest of spots i ever knew,
And my bed so cozy and warm!

Pondering on the party tonight,so new
Thrown by my son,at the garage below
And i cant fathom the thrill i see
In all the youth,dancing in glee!

I long to ask,is it indeed music you play,
And the clothes you wear,or don't you wear,
I don't know the fashion trends each day
Yet i wonder hard,is this all left to hope for?

I tried to plan and plot many a time anew
A lecture for you to hear,about new times
And then i wonder am i too old,too ancient
That maybe i should let you to live!

Fear grips me with every roar of your joy
For each shattering china of mine, i silently wince
Birthday bash i accept,my dear one,i accede
But why crashing glasswares that i do adore?

An old nosy lady,all brittle and sore
With an eye to pick at my faults unknown
Wonder how often my son would have said
These very words i once quipped,about my mom

Tears flow down never in her name anymore
Memories so fond buried so deep down in me
Now as i see my son grow distant from me
I realize your words of love and care...

I get up from my bed and walk away from home,
From scents of tobacco and cans of beer around
I walk down the lonely highway,to miles unseen
To reach the one spot,i vowed never again to see

Kneeling down on the cozy carpet of green moss,
Hands bowed as in deep prayers melting me,
Respect and love as never before in my eyes,
I saw my mom in a light so aura of love...

1 comment:

  1. extremely touching..
    time to go home..time to look back.. high time for self realization.. thanks..




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