Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Enchanting Beauty...

Ever felt, the world,
Toppling, all over you?

The feeling, of relentless pain,
Of misery, and grave suffering,
For no reason, you can fathom,
And, you feel, persnickety in despair.

Ever felt, the world,
Crashing, all over you?

The umpteen instances,
When every single thing in life,
Went just so right, picture perfect,
And, off the sudden, hell breaks loose.

Ever felt, your whole existence,
Shrink away, into oblivion?

The world, moving on, in a frenzy,
And, you stay stunned, into silence,
The crowd seems to bustle, all around,
And yet, never before, have you felt, as lonely.

If at all, you have gone through, any of these,
Then, you know, what it means to be alive,
For life is enchantingly beautiful, a celebration,
And, we got to pay, for being so lucky, to be here, alive...!

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