Monday, 22 October 2007

The Green Leaves

Amidst the dreary grey shades
Of life, I found a sight ever pretty
Green leaves shining bright
And I walked in, in sheer delight!

The tender blades of greenish hue
Swaying along the breeze so new
I looked at it, caution in my mind
I peeped in, to note any edges sharp!

The leaves shook itself ever so light
A rhythm divine it danced in my mind
Drops of dew splashed over me
Drenching me in a love so pure!

Time was at my calling, I had to leave
With promises to myself, that I'd be back
I did abide my vows, and solemnly back
And the green leaves swayed in welcome!

Luscious green it reflected even in the dark
Profound knowledge it imparted into me
Lessons of wisdom, of care, of selfless love
And I felt myself cuddling along, in glee!

Rains came by, i saw the marvel of life
Of sprouts-imagination at its peak soar
And I smiled along, singing a rain song
Loving the feel, the cool feel in the rains!

Evergreen, the term struck me true
For I have never seen the leaves droop
Not in fatigue, nor in any despair
Ever smiling grace, I felt myself imbibe it all!

Many a nights, I awoke in stark fright
Dreaming of the lush green gardens
Glowing, yet without the green leaves
And my soul weeps in the mere thought of it so!

the green leaves still sways on, charming me
and i wish for the dance to go on for ever
earnest desires in me, long for keeping you
alive, even after i move on in life-in me, for me!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. oodles of optimism ther.. let it remain evergreen forever..thanks a lot..




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