Monday, 22 October 2007

Soul's Symphony...

A special tune, I did hear,
From across the expanse,
The stretch of vicinity, a blurr.
It sang to me, a note,
Familiar, and ever so much,
Yet, I seem not able, to place it.

The humming seems to grow fainter,
And I feel myself in anguish,
Of having to let go, without a try,
To delve into the notes,
The music of my very soul,
Playing, in sync with the tune.

Ever quaint, I felt the symphony,
Yet, it pulled, at my heart strings,
And I realised, I have heard the note,
Once before, or is it often, I wonder.
A drop of tear, runs down my cheeks,
As I sing along, reminiscing of your old song...

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