Monday, 22 October 2007


When life seems to go no where,
When everything seems to be still,
When everyone seems to smile
And you are just the one in tears,
When the path you under take
Seems to reach just dead ends,
When your well nurtured little plant
Seems to wilt despite your care,
When your pet seems to be groggy
Even after all the care and love,
When your favorite friend seems
To have changed into a backstabber,
When your parents seem to bicker
In front of you and your siblings,
When you find the newspapers
Screaming of the brutal rape of a girl,
When you find your friend in a fix
However you try he's still in a fix,
When nothing nothing seems to go right,
When all your hopes fall in as ashes,
When all your purpose of living fails
Into heaps of emotions devouring you,
When you find no ray of hope ever,
When you find a stranger in your mirror...'ll know what I go through
Today, right here, in the midst of all
I feel the hollow devouring me,
Oh, I fall, prey to the despair,a vacuum
Of having nothing despite having it all...

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