Wednesday, 26 September 2007

I'm in love! ;)

I feel so silly tonight,
Standing up here
Screaming my lungs out,
Just to say,
To the world
And make sure, you listen too.
I'm in love!

I feel so fresh,
All of the sudden.
Always smiling
Seeing you, all around
in my heart.
As a fragrant rose,
Amidst the pages
of my life's book!

I feel the spring in me,
blooming anew,
The breeze blowing ,
through my locks.
Cooling me,
Adding a glow-
Onto me.
I find myself dancing,
in sheer delight!

I feel the world is dead,
Stuck at its best-
Spring in bloom
Faces smiling
Flowers pretty
Lakes placid.
And it is just me- alive.
Livelier than ever,
with just thoughts.
And dreams,
of yours!

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