Sunday, 16 September 2007

i run,yet again...

i turn around to run
away from you
away,far away...

running across the snow laden paths
leaving behind trails of red,dripping

trudging across the lush green meadows
my feet bleeding, thorns pricking deep

wading across the deepest of rivers
limbs tiring, chest heaving, in fear stark

treading the vast expanse of desert land
sand dunes force me behind,pooling me in

swimming against oceans fathoms deep
the power tides catapult my very existence

i turn around and run
i find your prints near
and i run,yet again...

despair sings a melancholy note into me
guilt stings me, right on spot, no ambiguity

the sun burns my soul, am slowly devoured
the charr falls as traces on the ground;ashes

night drops by, and i find myself fall prey
to the ballads of devastating fear; wild senses

rains sprinkle hot molten lava onto my skin
and dark blood dripping off from my heart;cold

every thorn that pricks me reminds me of my deeds
the hurt i gave, the heart i broke; ruthless

i turn around and run
i find the aura around
and i run,yet again...

reflections of herself,she feared
an aura of her guilt she traced
everywhere she ran, she hid
she found herself stained in red

and yet she ran,again
and once again...

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