Thursday, 5 July 2007

the crimson in my hands...

the fierce golden red
ever so brightly lit
i felt itself burn,
burn my soft skin
with its touch,
the touch of red!

i found the crimson
dripping away
into my hands
as i held my hands
a cup,across horizons
the sun in my hands!

the breeze lofty
the waves crashing
music filling me
scent of sea gushing
and my cupped hands
held above my head!

the sun on a fast pace
to sink down,deep
into the seas,a slumber.
i tried hard to hold on,
moving my hands in its pace,
i tried my best to make it stay!

alas! the gold and red
dropped off from my hands
into the sea,with a splash
and i felt the warmth strike me
walking back in the dark
my hands still shining,a golden hue!

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