Friday, 27 July 2007

a secret buried...

eyes that spit fire
reflecting hatred
in a purest sense
brooding disgust
i longed to find in you.

i look at you tonight
hoping,praying hard
for a look of anger,despise
and plead one last a chance
a note of forgiveness,but none...

i have hurt;broken your trust
shook the entire world
beneath your feet,
unknown even to you;
and i now feel all the regret.

"he" came to me
as a puerile soul
peals of laughter
symphony of care
fun and frolic as never.

i felt carried away
in "his" musk of power
the titillating gazes
notes of love,anew
i felt myself waver,away.

eachtime i held your gaze
i felt a stab of pain run
through myself,lynching
everynote of loving care
made me flinch,i felt corrupt.

tonight,as i lay back
pondering on my emotions
i realise it hard and true
a new face,a momentary joy
a passing infatuation-"him".

you,have taught me love
the myriad emotions true
the hymn of euphony shared
the touch of love,in you
i find all hues and shades,of me.

wish i could wipe away
those few days i strayed
emotions fill me tonight,
a sadness unfathomable
regret palpable all around.

wish i could tell you,i came back,
back to your arms where i belong
yet you'd never ever know it true
a dark secret i wouldnt ever share
a note i long to bury,deep down,in me-"him"!!!

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