Tuesday, 31 July 2007

gone are those days...

gone are the days

a smile could make our day
a baby could make us smile
a star could make us dream
a touch could make us warm
a raindrop could make us cool
a breeze could make us calm
a letter could make us happy
a vision could make us aspire
a pinch of love could make our life...

gone are the days

the sunbeams meant warmth
the darkness made us feel safe
the placid lakes epitomed beauty
the fragrance of y'days spread on
the moments of past felt bittersweet
the homemade food spread love
the little crushes made us blush
the timeless memories filled us fresh
the little deeds showed fondness...

gone are the trivial elements
of once,
a life unmarred by violent throes
of today,

gone are those days...
...gone are those days
yet my soul longs for it all...
...just this once more

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