Tuesday, 31 July 2007

...a web...

lofty are my thoughts,
unsteady, my gait.
i feel myself slip away,
again, a false beat.
time seems to chain me,
my thoughts.
steps faltering,i sway,
against the breeze.
assumptions fade away
as reality strikes.
voices smooth and soft
caressing my senses.
i slip into a silken dream
waiting to be awaken,
into a new dream,
woven in magic.
alas!its invisible threads,
and me,bound...

cartwheel spins,shedding seconds
a pace,faster than any race.
i lay still,awaiting doom
but comes to me,a joy
unfathomed a pleasure,
my heart skips a beat
cool mist wet my eyes
and a smile breaks in,
after a while...

the images seem so bizarre
foggy,vision at a blurr
a kaleidoscope runs
and i find myself
holding on,
to threads a many,
running here,
and running there,
invisible links,
connecting my thoughts,
weaving a web,
a mesh,
of the wonders,
of life....

and still newer threads,
arising from the deep,
a new direction,
a new step,
i quiver,
in fear is it?
or is it anticipation,
of the unknown?
i wonder...

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