Thursday, 19 July 2007

ink so red...

i looked down at the white tiles
blood trails masking the white
i looked around in sheer concern
i hoped to see footprints in red!

i saw the drops of blood clogged
red i couldnt call it anymore,i realise
brownish hue,clumps of liquid life
all along the place,life dried up afresh!

i looked around at every visible link
to look for traces of a wound,bleeds
i tried in vain to raise curtains and try
find the links of the ink of life,red ink!

the clots dry,began to break off,
powdery red stains once so lucid
the breeze came in,strong a puff
blowing away the traces for good!

walking back,away from the white tiles
i looked back once again,a quest?
and as i looked down at my feet
i saw the red ink dried up,oblivious to me!

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