Thursday, 19 July 2007

friends on a high!

itz 11pm sharp,dark and cozy night
"tring tring tring"my cellphone rings
half asleep i do pick up the call
"heylo..itz i seem drunk?"
a question popped,my eyes awake
"errr...are you drunk?" i shot back
he seems to be real glad at my question
"ohh great,so am still decent and sober"
it makes me laugh,but i try to be calm
conversations on a run in the background
friends on a high,a party just to chill
alas its my sleep,nowhere to be seen!!!

loads of food, pitchers of "drinks" anew
and so goddamn high,three great friends
fighting and bickering on the next stop
the place to pig out again,afresh!
my eyes seemed to pop out,on the menu
wonder where does these lean guys
put in all the junk? gluttony an ordeal!
a lady walked by,i pity her plight
invites to join the trio at their table
had it been me,a pail of water splashed
on the three heads!sensless brutes,on a high!
alas! why is it me who's still awake????

time flew by,my eyes seem to droop
yet the slurring jabber seemed hilarious
and i didnt wanna miss out the fun,lol!
i heard the sound of pebbles plop plop
wondered where in a restaurant are they?
"ohh its just the pebbles in the flower vase
been hurled into the wine glasses!!!!!"
quipped my friend in innocent a tone
and i couldnt help laugh at his plight
the conversation started to shift onto me
deductions and observations on "myself"
i realised its high time for me to sleep
letting the trio enjoy their threesome! lolz!

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