Wednesday, 25 July 2007

the harry potter hype!!!

a fresh morn as ever
i wake up with a smile
the bright sun rays
peeping at me,again
waking me off my slumber!

fresh and new,i pick up
the newspaper to read
"july 21" the date striking
main news about "harry potter?"
i felt so strange,times have changed!

the boy who lived
and the scar that hurt
fantasy world so bright
wonderful read indeed
yet does it deserve all this hype?

the day moved on,so did i
channels too played their role
publicity rage,or is it indeed
that great a read,eclipsing
every single news,at the forefront!

driving along the streets
i saw a huge rush ahead
wondering what the commotion
could be at such wee hours
i realise its the rush for "HP-7"!

frowning at the weird hype
i ride on,my day seems to lull
tired and beaten,home beckons
relaxing with a mug of cocoa
i ponder on,the craze of "harry" all over!

a wonderful read,rich in fantasy
a treat for the children,i agree
yet wonder why no classic tale
could ever manage this hype
wonder why...i wonder why...?

smiling away,the kids all over
adults hiding and reading the same
smirks and grins, fights and fun
maybe there is much more to it
maybe its me who cant fathom the magic!

resigned,still wondering on, deep
i tuck in myself,to a fresh new sleep
hoping for a dream,magic and wands
a fantasy land and shining souls
hoping to wake up as "harry potter"!!!!!!!!!

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