Thursday, 19 July 2007

my little star...

the night had turned musk
cloaked in sheer black velvet
flowing in a rhythm divine
the darkness so silent ever...

the cool breeze swayed in glee
the ebony darkness shivered
the velvet bound closer,tighter
pitch black,a beautiful night...

the pearly white disc of light
the moon,hidden behind the cloak
in a silent raspy slumber
dreamy dreamy-the night moved on...

i stared at the coal black stretch
my eyes seemed startled by a twinkle
a tiny little star,so far far away
shining down on me,smiling in glee...

the shimmery little star glowing
brilliantly lit,an astral glow
i felt i could dream on and on
eternity seemed to lull up till the star...

i found a striking resemblance
the little star seemed all so mine
with a start i uncover the mystery
i've seen this star,a million times over

- in your eyes..smiling...twinkling...loving...

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