Thursday, 5 July 2007

the golden feather...

sitting along the sandy shore
clad in long flowing white silk
fitted with golden beads many
laces of white,my wedding gown
my hair let down,free to sway
in the breeze so soft and cool
the saline sprays from the sea
the waves lashing on, in glee
the salty scent ever so fresh
staring across the horizons at bay
i ponder on,dwelling into eternity...

the gale so soft and cold,misty
stroking my face,calming my senses
i gently close my eyes,shuting away
the roars of fun,all around me today
a gentle drop of tear seems to melt
from the icecaps of pain in my soul
and i try hard to fight the tears off
glaciers to melt,and the sun scorching
i try to encase my soul in a casket
wrapped with my smiles so hardly done
the casket of pain buried deep in me...

the gale gave a puff too strong
the waves lashed onto the rocks
where i sat calm,drenched to the core
eyes still closed,thoughts burning
and i felt a tender touch on my face
a warm and soft touch so dear,ever
a silken touch on my cheeks,so tender
and i felt you were still here,never gone
still with me,ready to take the vows
and my eyes sprang open,a tear drop too...

and i saw a soft little feather,golden silk
i saw it fly eastwards,carrying my tears
and i felt once again,the feathery touch
the touch of my love,departed in a haze
the touch of love,of time and all yours...

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