Thursday, 19 July 2007

glimpses into the mind!

glimpses into the mind
seeking answers to it all
the many mundane thoughts
wilting and withering dreams
well nurtured hopes failing
wonder how deep the crevices
sucking in the euphoria
the vacuum smells of lost heaps:

-of shattered dreams
-bleeding eyes
-thorns that fail to prick
-fragrance stagnant
-beauty cloaked
-pain dripping
-speech subdued
-movements constrained
-emotions strangulated
-touches blistering
-breathe choking
-wingless dreams

wondering again,reasons evading
the questions ever mounting,
what lies ahead,or does it move on?
glimpses into the mind,static a compilation
no notes to follow,no threads to link
pondering on the sheer essence of life
the mere existence of mine still vague
wondering,would it ever be crystal clear??




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