Wednesday, 25 July 2007

the sinner's sin...

the dark seems to hold a fresh light
in my eyes,i feel it ever so bright
the darkness seems so very sharp
and my senses seem to fade away
for i feel an urge,every time,so deep
to hurt, to kill, to bleed...

every evening alone,i try hard
to bind myself,away from sin
away from the merry,smiling crowds
away from "her" toxic self,that lures
and every time,i try to force myself
to sleep,to stay calm,to not kill...

as the longest of night begins to fall
the vine red curtains begin to drop
i feel my show about to begin
i pry open the shackles i bind myself
euphoria sets in,hard to explain
i walk out,a razor in hand,eyes in quest...

walking across the streets in awe
my eyes search for "her",all gay
smiling face,painted toes,smoked eyes
color dripping off the lips,hips swaying
in invitation to sin,to be a part of the sin
venomous eyes inviting me to sin,in coy...

"she" leads me in,i follow,mersmerised
"she" shines in the dark,my light is it?
"she" takes me high,"she" takes me on
"she" is full, toxic and lethal,i know
pleasure assailing me,and i lay back,
spent,"her" body shines in my sweat,beads...

looking at "her",i feel the venom oozing
"she" has yet again lured me to sin
and played on me,my helplessness,myself
rage seems to pound in me,"her" smiles
strike me as hot molten burns on my skin
blisters i see all over,of a sin forced,by "her"...

the razor plays before my closed eyes,again
my hand seems to grope "her",yet i am still,how?
my razor seems to graze around "her" neck,how?
i see the drops of blood,i hear the shattered cries
i see "her" angelic face distorted,yet am sleeping,how?
yet,my sin has been washed over,in "her" blood...

and now,i can sleep sound,content and calm
the night seems to have diluted into the ashen dusk
the birds seem awake,i wonder did they see me sin?
i wonder did they see me punish the sinner to death?
i see the sun peeping,smiling at me for my courage
i have killed the sin,yet i feel so cold,i do hate the night...

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