Sunday, 22 July 2007

Oasis of a lover's arms...

Every night in the dark
Sometimes in the light
I die again a new death

The hands ripping me
Off my cover,in sheer joy
The lips that violate me
Passing on the vermin
The tongues that lash on
Spreading the filth ever
The limbs that pin me down
Underneath the heavy weight
Red hard flesh plunging me
Filling me,disgust welling in
The throes of pleasure for you
I lay dead, oblivious to all feel.

The savage pounding goes on
Through and through
In and out
Pain ripping me ever
And aaaah
You utter in pleasures of sin
I feel brimming in me, helpless.

Every time my body seems to fake pleasure
My soul writhes in pain, deep set
Memories of an innocence of once
Fills me anew, every time, over and over.
Throwing the wads of currency at me
They walk away, not a word uttered
My body seems bruised many a time
My soul longs for a loving touch
The oasis of a lover's arms, i wish for
Not the brutal rage of a nymphomaniac...

Tonight yet again, I lie back
Living through another nightmare
A new face, the same pains
Hurting, and raging at me
I try hard to focus on my dear one
The tender peals of love
The love in his eyes, his soft"mama"
And I feel the strength to live on
Hoping my little one would never know
Never know his "mama" in this hue
Never know...never know...

Counting the notes,the new face
He moves away, not a word
And I long for the best moments of love
The oasis of a lover's arms...

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