Thursday, 19 July 2007

Pages from my diary...

The crinkled corners,
The pearly white lost,
Edges frayed, prints dull,
An off-white hue on show.
I flipped through the pages,
One by one, hands trembling,
I touched the hard cover,
Red leather, still bits of lustre,
Shining, the golden prints,
Seemed to glow anew,
Into me, I felt a warm glow!

I sifted through the pages,
My eyes moving across, fast,
Some words struck me odd,
Making me ponder, if its true.
The handwriting seemed mine,
Yet, ever distant, I felt the lines,
Words from my soul, of once.
And today, it seems so strange.
I couldn't help, but smile in glee,
Remembering instances of once.
Ah...time does fly, i realize!

Living through the images of mine,
I feel myself fresh and young,
Silly and frivolous in my youth.
The aching crushes across time,
The silent fears poured out,
The pages seemed to be stained,
In tears of mine, of an eon ago.
I feel the pain once again jolting,
Memories worth a life time,
Springing upon me, a surprise find,
Making me go back to being myself!

Time seems to have moved on, a race,
A pace ever so fast, dragging me along.
The pages so old and battered,
With the fragrance of yesterdays,
The wrinkled tear stained corners,
The inks ever fading, yet distinctly mine,
Memories of once, filling me with nostalgia.
I find tears sting me eyes today,
Yet, my lips curve into a deep smile,
As I find myself once again, renewed.
Pages of my soul, hidden deep down,
Lay bare once again, battered, but breathing alive...

1 comment:

  1. I would stay away and stay away far far away from your letters ,each word,each emotional outburst of yours have struck me so hard that iam petrified !!
    When my freind had send this link to me , i never expected i would dome across a treasure of thoughts,of words jelled in a potpouri of emotions and of all love which mesmerizes me..
    oh you poet write and wriet more till we just melt away into thin air.....




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