Thursday, 19 July 2007

timeless reflections!

i wish i could hold you back
and forever.

i yearn to build my dreams
with you-
and just you.

the umpteen times of twittering
wishing,for more.

your crazy little marvels,escapades
startling me-
unexpected rapture.

the long hours of waiting,for each other
reaching late-
with sheepish grins.

the myriad smiles and laughs of ours
peals of love.

lucky am i or is it you?
wondering aloud-
or is it "us"?

wishing to hold back the sands of time
in my hands-
a schema solid.

longing to capture us in a beautiful frame
brilliantly lit-
a glow astral.

you and me, picture perfect an image
in our eyes,ever!

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