Thursday, 19 July 2007

one last time...

one last time...

remember the times,
when you woke me up
at the crack of the dawn
and you'd tell me again and again
dawn is beautiful just when am near you...?

remember the times,
you held my hands,a walk
across the shores,waves crashing
and you'd whisper soft,into my ears
the oceans in my eyes makes you feel alive...?

remember the times,
you'd startle me from behind
and the long long hours of tease
the giggles of yours,and i'd often pout
and you'd take me in your arms,kissing me mute...?

remember the times,
you'd come home drenched
in the rains splattering in glee
and i'd rush in with warm clothes
before i know,you'd drench me too,in your love...?

remembering the little little joys,
i look at the twinking stars,wishing
i see yourself across the skies vast
and i cant help but wish you alive
one last kiss,one last touch,one last smile....!

one last time...

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