Friday, 13 April 2007

Ah! Heaven!

The stars above, twinkling so bright,
The snowy satin spreads and candles lit,
The music of love dancing around in glee,
I felt a rush of joy when I felt you near
This night was yours, and mine,our first-
Magical, I felt it shine...

Sipping the Irish red wine,
I longed to lock eyes with you,
I felt a warmth spread through,
I found many a dreams anew;
Losing myself in you,
I wanted to be just with you...

The tender touch of yours,
I could feel a joy, so sudden,
That my breath got short.
You smiled right into myself,
And I knew for sure,
You and me; meant to be...

Your intense gaze, I felt so dazed,
I didn't know; i felt hypnotized,
"Come to me" the breeze whispered,
I wasn't even sure, you uttered those words.
I came to you, you held me close,
So close, that our hearts grazed...

I felt myself melt, in your touch,
Your breath onto my skin,
I felt myself tremble in your arms,
My heartbeats so fast, beating onto you,
You sensed my conflicting soul, true as ever,
Holding me close, I felt your love for me...

Looking into those eyes, I felt so safe,
I felt your face come down so close,
I just dunno why, I closed my eyes,
I felt my lips tremble against you,
And then, I felt your lips touch mine,
A kiss so tender, it took my breath away...

I peered into your deep set eyes,
I saw them anxious, hunting for an answer.
I felt a love so amazing, seep through me,
"Yes, my love" I whispered, into your ears,
And your lips closed over mine, in reply.
"Ah! heaven!" was all I could think of...!

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