Tuesday, 24 April 2007

At lucifer's time...

footsteps chiming in the air
the eerie silence of the night
broken by sounds so soft
the gentle heave of their breath

the night had turned murky
the winds raging on,fierce
blowing away the dried up leaves
to uncover you, your grave

a beautiful white rose in hand
walking towards the stony shrine
silence seemed so strained
tears choking words of pain...

standing near the deepest vault
offering the tender flowers
hoping you could get a whiff
of their tender love and care...

a part of their soul
once the light of their lives
yet now within a blink
you are gone, to some faraway land...

looking down your grave
holding hands,tears running down
pain lynching at their souls
they prayed harder than ever:

"our little cherub,taken away
we do not blame thy in any way
maybe for a reason so strong
yet can't thy take us along"

a prayer so heartfelt thee did hear
rains raged on,night turned coal black
the storm struck hard,
yet they held on,deep in prayer

the raging winds marred at their face
raindrops cleansing away the fears
the darkness offering them a cloak
they waited..waited for a miracle...

the skies roared in despair
"there is still time for you to go,
go on to the safest of resorts"
yet steadyfast they waited..along the vault...

"thunder rains, winds of havoc
the sands blown off the ground,no calm
holding hands, eyes closed in prayer
and then it struck, a blindening light...

lightening so bright,flashing on
they fell back on the vault
consumed by the lightening stroke
together, family, once again...

the rains lashed on as if no end
yet calmer a shower,as if to cleanse the err,
the moon came out to look down, in marvel
they shone in a halo,a love so strong...

the church bells chimed three dongs
ah!lucifer's time, it did strike
yet love prevailed,three souls bound by love
a love so pure,even lucifer got delayed...

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