Friday, 13 April 2007


floating through the sunny days
i wish i had known it then
in the haste to rule the world
i'd never really gven myself a chance

in my race to be the business tycoon
parties and mergers were the pick
drinks and drinks, every night
an occassional fag to calm my nerves

little did i know it then
someone slowly creeping into myself
darkest of hands lynching over me
crawling into me,expanding its horizons

the toxin seeping through my viens
the rapid possession of my senses
i knew not my life was at stake
i was still stuck to my old deeds

never heeded to my love's concerns
i just knew i had it all,for sure
and i believed life is long and secure
how blinded i had been then,now i realize

as i lay back on the hospital bed
i can turn to see dreary eyes
the IV fluid running into me
catheters bruising me,my soul

i cant but tolerate the pains
hurting me, gently destroying me
"cyclophosphamide"the doctors say
and i hope it does its due

i find it so hard to focus
my speech too is so blurred
i've known this state before too
but those were my drunken nights

now i wish i hadnt been so blind
ignorant a soul,i truely were
and i never ever saw me here
cancer seeping through me,killing me

and now i wish i could redo things
i long to go back to my good old days
i wish to take life as a boon
and to live each day,mercy from thee..

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