Wednesday, 18 April 2007

unspoken words

 tiny star,i see
all so bright and new
shining on me,
from far across...

smiles,i flash
in profound glee
as i dwell upon
memories of yours...

as the nightly breeze
sways itself around
locks of my golden hair
blowing all over...

i look upon in awe
at the velvetty darkness
amidst a zillion stars
i find you,my lone star...

looking deep into you,
i can feel your smiles
the warmth of your love
the hypnotizing gaze of yours...

i long to have you near
to feel your arms around,
and i just wanna be with you
for i miss you so...

deep across the oceans,
sailing in vigour
i see you ever so fresh
in every wave of the sea...

and now as i lay back
gazing across the horizons
i long to see you smile,
in fondest of memories of ours...

and i wish you'd see me
from across your mast
sharing unspoken words of love..
you and me,the seas and our lone star!

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