Thursday, 5 April 2007

just lemme live...!

i wish to call out
for i can feel you sad
i feel the pains in your soul
and i cant help feel the pain
am i the reason for your tears?

i havent seen you momma
i've just known you,felt you...
and i know you are beautiful
i know it so,for i have a picture
of an angel so pure,in my mind
wish i could see you soon!

i still remember so vivid
the day my GOD blessed me true
to be a seed in your womb
and i was there, all young and new
i found it queer,so warm and cozy
soft a heaven for me to dwell!

i strained to try to let you know
that i'm here,do look at me
but alas! you were still oblivious
i wished to spring upon you
and hold onto you so tender
yet i was stuck within...

and the wait was on,for you to know
days passed by and you did realise
i was all so excited to know
i wanted to feel your love for me
i hoped you'd smile in glee
and hold me close to your heart!

i hoped papa would cry
tears of joy in having found me!
bundles of hopes in me so young
i tried to look as best as i could
alas!i did hear you cry
but not in glee,deepest of sorrows...

i felt a pang of disappointment
so strong ,that it hurt me so
i had longed for you to smile
knowing me..feeling you
but now i know,am not a welcome gift
am a burden you wish to spare...

i wish i could fathom why
you hate me so...
you havent set your eyes on me ever
you havent held me in your arms
i havent kicked or hurt you momma
i've tried to behave my best!

momma,i love you so
just gimme one chance to be yours
wait till you see me,is all i ask
dont lemme go..i wanna live
dont choke me...i wanna breath
dont...i just wanna see you momma

now i know it hard and true
i cant cry,for am too young for tears
i wish you'd try me once momma
i promise to be good and true
i wouldnt even hurt you once
i'll be the best of kids,please save me!

alas!i know my end's near
i can feel your heart thump so fast
"momma,are you alright?is all fine?"
i'l pray to my GOD to make you fine
i can feel someone trying to pull me out
maybe its the uncle in his white coat!

"momma...i can see something coming
a curette to scrape away my life
momma..why is it so cold in here now?
why do i feel so dark and sick off the sudden?
mommaa..i feel am death..
momma..mommaa..please save me...i love you so...


  1. na thaa kuchh to Khudaa thaa, kuchh na hotaa to Khudaa hotaa
    Duboyaa mujh ko hone ne, na hotaa main to kyaa hotaa

    huaa jab Gam se yuuN behis to Gam kyaa sar ke kaTane kaa
    na hotaa gar judaa tan se to zaaNon par dharaa hotaa

    [behis=shocked/stunned, zaaNnon=thigh]

    Why Mumma will come to save you?? Just step ahead to save yourself and God will be there to save you.

  2. nicely written sashu :) your poems have grown a lot..matured..i stil remember reading your first poem ever "the rose"..that was in our 5th std i guess..n till now its been a real fabulous ride..amazed at ur calibre! love u my dear..keep it going..

  3. too gud i must say!

  4. so touchin.made me cry.




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