Thursday, 26 April 2007

Dead ends... (end of college days)

as i take in the beauty
of our very own college
for the one last time ever
i cant help but feel a pain
a lump in my throat
tears stinging my eyes
smiles faltering as never
i never knew i'd feel so...

i still remember so vivid
the very first day of mine
i stepped across the gates
to enter this wonderland of ours
tension brimming in myself
the many stares so cold and new
the seniors crowding around
little acts of ragging i endured...

the long corridors and walls
witnessing my little crushes
the classes i've bunked so often
the canteens i seemed to haunt
a part of me had bragged of leaving
to get over with the boring studies
and walk away form it all,to leave,
the dreaded college someday soon...

but now as i am done with my course
i cant but convince myself
that the four long years of my life
i've spent in here,seems like seconds
the dearest of friends i have made
the many aquaintances of mine
i have to let go of them all now
with just hopes to remain in touch...

i feel the pain in my soul
hopes and dreams are afresh
to go on and win the world
yet i feel a void so deep
as if i have lost a part of me
words fail me the very first time
as i look into the many teary eyes
everyone seems struck by a nostalgic wave...

i cant stay, i need to walk away
a heart full of memories to cherish
a soul laden with bitter-sweet memories,
memories of a lifetime,of fun and frolic,
fights and tussles,love and friendship...
now,as i walk away today
i know my footprints are fixed here
for a part of my soul would always be here...

1 comment:

  1. "the long corridors and walls
    witnessing my little crushes"
    aha..nice nice...

    The whole poem is really something I've had in my life. 4 years of engineering. I know how I used to hate the college. And alas, when the final day turned up, though I was shedding no tears, I could feel a tumult inside of me..

    Nice poem. Gives me a nostalgic feeling.




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