Wednesday, 25 April 2007

long road...

dark was the night
no moon to smile upon
in glee..
cold was the night
yet no breeze to hug
in glee..
tired and wary
i walked on,a heart laden
with hope..
untrodden paths
and the many marvels
i longed..
to be a part of it all
i wished to walk away
from life
to eternity? i ask myself
no answers ever,
just mystery smiles down
curve of the lips
am amazed
how could i smile when i cry?
walkin along the long road
i smiled and wept
new journey begins now
as i try to comprehend the previous
well,maybe i need to know
a long walk
a turn around at every corner
is not life
i need to take a risk
and walk on... the unknown!

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