Sunday, 29 April 2007

without you...

every night since you left
i cry myself to sleep
tears stinging my eyes
hurt lynching at my soul

i still remember so vivid
that fateful day of ours
i came home early,to savor
anniversary memories with you..

i waited with all smiles
cake baked in my love
and flowers all around

time flicked by,i tried to be calm
yet deep within,i felt so uneasy
you had never been so late before
and promises,you would never forget

dawn cracked,yet you werent here
hysterical i tried to call you
a female voice,startled my skin
i asked for you,you did come on line

no sorry,no guilt,no pain
just an explanation as to part ways
i never saw this coming,ever
it shook the world around...

pain that tore at my heart
tears that strolled down my face
voices of you and her,giggling away
i felt my world to come to a standstil

time since then has moved on,
yet at a snail's pace,i am
for every bell,every ring,
my heart leaps for your return...

i know its never to be
yet i cry myself away
for i've forgotten how it is
to live without you by my side...

as i lie down on this bed
i can hear our whisphers of love
and my soul wrenches in despair
teary eyes and a heart of love,waiting...

everywhere i turn to go,
i just hear footsteps of yours
and i turn to look back in hope
and i see only emptiness ahead...

come back to me,my love
i've loved you like none
you've been a part of me
and now i am lost..without you..

1 comment:

  1. if u love someone,
    let them free..
    if u want to hold on to ur possessions
    lock it and throw away the key..
    (courtesy: Sting)
    Love is a possession which cant be locked. A true love returns, every time u part, coming back at an even more force..
    Hope her all the best and may she be able to live a life she had lost once again!! :-)




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