Thursday, 26 April 2007

A love of many decades...

sitting across eachother,
i look into your eyes
so deep,
it sucks me deep within.
a kaleidoscope,
of young fond memories.
you and me,
the old times so fresh,
etched in our hearts,
the very first glimpse,
when i came to your house.
shy! i were then,
sweat breaking,
hands shaking,
words stammering,
i tried to smile,
and you looked away...

i felt a pang,
yet i saw,
the twinkle in your eyes
the crimson,
of your blushing cheeks
the slender hands,
seemed to fidget in worry
i smiled onto you,
and this time you did smile
a naive smile,
that said a million stories
my heart leapt in joy
as i walked away from you,
imprints of yours buried in me..

time was at a lag
i spent every night
waiting for a new dawn,
every day i tried to live
in fondest of your dreams
and then came our day,
the reds and golds shimmering
a graceful charm and all glory
you seemed like a goddess
with a glow as never before...
we took our vows for life,
a lifetime of being there,
a promise to grow old together,
and now i realise the glow
it still remains wherever you go
the glow of our love
the love that has strengthened
over the golden decades we've loved...

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  1. u create magic with words...and u think from a man's perspective...thatz queer...but interesting... :-)




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