Monday, 2 April 2007

no day like today!

tick tick tick
my clock did strike
eight dongs i did hear

i dint wanna get outta sleep
yet i knew time was up
and i needed to budge

in a rush i got outta bed
zooming through my room
i was on the hunt for my clothes

pacing across the little room
i had a peek into the huge pile
heads spinning i gave up the search

""i did yell
toothbrush in my hand,i stood
defeated,by the mess i had made

"whats it today?still not ready?
why are you still in your pyjamas?"
blared my mom in deepest of fury

"cut out the screams" i yell at her
"i need my shirt,pressed and blue"
i ordered before slamming the door

quick a shower,faster than your blink
i came in fresh,looking all smug
i found the shirt waiting in gleam

warm and bright,i quipped to myself
standing tall,chest heaving in pride
i practised my gentleman gait

no time for breakfast,no "mornin folks"
i had no time to bid adios or thank mom
my gold was to srike,it was my day

i reached the car,drove off in style
parking amidst the many young friends
sunglasses shining and my smile all flashy

i opened the doors of my car to get out
"hiyya babes,lets hit the floors"
i rammed in an accent so fake

laughter struck all across,i found it queer
turning around i found no amusing sight
and then i noticed the stares down my torso

"holy crap! i have done it again..damn"
in the drive to be the stud of all
i'd forgotten to zip my trousers..sheesh!

a sheepish a grin was all i could manage
i turned back in a rush and drove away,
"no day like today..."was all i could think!

1 comment:

  1. very well versed....made me remind my daily routine.....

    very good and general topic u have selected to write....and the words used are very simple thts the best part i liked

    the reader can very well related it to daily routine as one goes through the poem.....

    very well written my dearest cutest poetess.....

    looking forward for some more good poems frm u




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