Saturday, 14 April 2007

i need you so...

i need to let go
my mind rambled at me
yes!i shall let go
i wished to assure myself

i dunno why
i feel so lost,

why do i feel so vacuous
by the mere thought
of letting you go..away

i havent known you,
for long..
i wonder why it haunts me so?

i am obscured as never before
and i need to calm my nerves
and think..
can i rely on my instinct too stark?

i havent set my eyes on you,
yet i feel so sure,
i know you so..

i know it when you smile so fresh
i can feel the warmth in your soul
i can feel the anguish in you,
when i seem to be aloof from you..

i know the feel of deepest love
i know your haunting fear
of scaring me away,with your love...

knowing me, reading my mind,
you have opened new vistas in me
i just need to see it through..

you have been so dear to me
yet i feel so choked in fear
how do i convince my philophobic self
i need to let go of my fears...

but dunno why i still cant accede
that deep down in me,
i need you so...
i need you so...

1 comment:

  1. Wowww ! Brilliantly written. Touched me deep .. very well and very true. Ab mei kya kahoon yaar .. I have no words .. just that "Darr se mat daro .. usse aage badho .. Kyuinki darr ke aage hi jeet hai " Mountain Dew ! Yo!




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