Tuesday, 24 April 2007

a road to heaven..or is it hell?

soft silver linings,all so shining
flowers so bright,pearls of beauty
satins all languid,white and so snowy
beauty in all its grandeur..heaven indeed!

li'll angels with eyes all so pure
wings of gold, harps in their hands
music of love, notes of euphoria
everything so flawless,yet i am so lost..

life had been so austere for us
the world spat upon us,our true love
so what if we followed different faiths
our love was beyond any asperity...

yet we had to run away in travail
none to hold onto,just eachother for us
hoping,praying,for a domicile land
but our dreams were quelched...

how oblivious could the world be
to not see the love in our eyes
to not hear our cries of anguish
all we asked was to let us live...

religion speaks to unite,not divide
to love our brother,not hate
to help our neighbour,not hurt
to save and not lead to death..

i still remember the ominous day
me and her,tears in our eyes
over the cliff so high we stood
holding hands,we lunged...into eternity...

i'd hoped all our pains were done with
together we'd be in the abode of thee
but now as i look around i see it all,
but i feel so desolate,for she is not here...

bruised,i feel my soul weep
agony as i have never dreamt possible
life had been so vexacious to us
and now heaven seems a dungeon to me...

am now locked away with all pleasures
prisoner in a land of marvel and mirth
i wish she'd be sound somewhere,yet i know
she'd be bleeding in her soul, just as i am...

maybe we were never meant to be together,
not on earth, nor in heaven...
a road to heaven, together we embarked upon
alone i reach my hell,and you stay back in yours...

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