Thursday, 19 April 2007

Captain's Lady...

In a trance,
I stand at the doorsteps.

So dazed,
Time seems so standstill.

I feel it choking me.

I feel your silhouette slur.

Stinging my eyes.

Clouding my mind.

Ripping me apart.

Turning back,
I walk as if to nowhere.

I wish,
To go back the time turner.

Smiling along with me.

Hand in hand,
Walking in the rains.

The days,
When you were in my arms.

The nights,
We read under the blankets.

The fights,
Our pillows had to endure.

I wish,
You didn't have to go, so soon.

I envisaged our life to be.

I keep forgetting your duty.

The nation's pride,
Which you fought to protect.

Longest nights,
In the deepest of deserts.

Grenades and shots,
You strive to overcome.

Crawling to safety,
I know the pains of the soldiers.

Yet I wish,
You didn't have to go away.

Duty first,
I do remember your words.

I didn't know,
If I could ever fathom the feel.

Hollow words,
Of accepting your dutiful self.

How I wish,
I could chain you to me.

But I know,
I have loved you true.

Your dreams,
Matter more than the stars to me.

You wanted to go,
And fight for our nation, in pride.

A salute,
And with smiles, I let go of you.

Tears in my soul,
Like a drop of oil, burning itself.

A captain's lady,
I wish to be, as strong as ever.

I can endure,
Every stab, every pain, for you.

That is how I long to see you.

Knowing you,
I know the feel, you get in the field.

Looking at me,
You'll never know my silent grieves.

No tears,
To show, when you go.

To burst, only when you turn, away.

Strong as ever,
I know, when to cry, and when not to.

For, am a captain's lady,
Heart and soul, every inch to the core!


  1. dat's a piece or wrk...awosome...wrote in a perfect harmony...i loved last three para's !!!!!

  2. great work. i've always been fascinated to become a soldier one day. but this surely is some part i've missed thinking about...a mistress who would have missed me when i'd have to fight for the nation.. :o) im impressed....




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